What is #Fashion #PR?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic recently and why it has been challenging to really break into this industry, while being more than capable. 

Let’s discuss: what does fashion PR mean to you?

In my humble opinion, Fashion PR is:

  • the intersection of media and fashion
  • a way for a brand/line/designer/collection to build public image
  • promotion of an idea, a need, a want, a way of life
  • creative, out-of-the-box ideas on how to accomplish these things
  • problem solving with media crises
  • method to increase profits through notoriety whether it be giveaways, celeb coverage, editorials, or advertising

My question to the industry is since there is so much demand for employment within fashion PR, why are there hardly any initiatives on the table to create job growth?

It is said that fashiongirls are catty, ruthless, and do whatever it takes to make things happen. Does one really need to undercut others to achieve greatness? How many internships is the magic number (obviously it’s quality over quantity)? What are the exact qualifications of a publicist? Or what qualifies someone to work (and get paid) at a firm? What can we do to set ourselves apart? What motivates hiring managers to choose one candidate over another?

I’m all for starting at the ground up, but when you are fighting 80 other people for that small piece of land, the challenge becomes daunting. 


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